Durrington Walls ‘Superhenge’ Stones

08 Sep

The henge monumnets of Durrington Walls have been in the news lately, with the announcment of a ‘C shaped’ megalith line of standing stones approximatley 15ft high being discovered under the ‘straight’ side of the monument.

An artists impression showing a row of stones

(Image above is originaly from the Ludwig Bolzmann Institute, but has been reproduced by the Telegraph Here).

What does this all mean?

Dating to 4,500 years ago, the discovery of these stones (approximately 90) are within the same phase of Neolithic megalithic monumnetal constructions as the standing stones at nearby Stonehenge, as well as being the same date as my previously discessed ‘houses’ at Durrington Walls (those which have been reconstructed at the Stonehenge Visitors Centre that I volunteer in). The prescence of large sarsen stones being used as a ‘marker’ or ‘ritual’ processional route is reletively common within the Neolithic landscape (examples of similar routes are found at Stonehenge, Avebury, and Blue Stonehenge are but a few). But these ‘routes’ may all be inter-connected towards the marking of a ritualised environment, an environ which was highly significant to the Neolithic peoples and probably to the hunter gather communities before them.

“These latest results have produced tantalising evidence of what lies beneath the ancient earthworks at Durrington Walls. The presence of what appear to be stones, surrounding the site of one of the largest Neolithic settlements in Europe adds a whole new chapter to the Stonehenge story.” Quote is by Nick Snashall, Archaeologist at Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Sites, taken from the BBC Website Here and the Guardian Website Here).

(Above Video is from Ludwig Botzmann Institute of Virtual Archaeology on Youtube).



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